MCCP Values

Our Values.

At MCCP we have core values that we live by. They are: Community, Rigour, and Challenge. They underpin our philosophy to Do The Right Thing. We help people to be themselves so that they can do their best work.


We constantly look for ways to add value to the communities we operate in, whether it’s our clients, our teams or the consumer. We are huge advocates for the power of communities, as they have a strong sense of collective pride and ownership so that our engagement with clients is one of shared values, of respect and of value creation.


We simply refuse to take the easy option if it's not the right thing to do. Instead, our teams of multi-skilled researchers work hand-in-hand with our strategists to dive deeper, finding greater understanding of the motivations behind behaviours. We do not stop until we find the most relevant and robust insight that can sustain an authentic brand.​​


We never accept the obvious or first options. Instead, we challenge ourselves constantly when we work with our clients to raise the standard of brand thinking, collectively pushing for fresh new ways in which their brands can become more relevant to the people who matter to them. Our challenging approach is two-way and this allows us to imbue the brands we work for with fresh passion and renewed energy.

​‘Do the right thing’

This is underpinned by our commitment to respect, passion and integrity of which our credo to Do The Right Thing is a constant reminder. Each day we make the choice to do the right thing - right for the people we serve – right for our colleagues, our clients and their people - right internally and externally.