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MCCP & Davy in discussion: Navigating the Future

4 August 2020

Our CEO and founder, Kay McCarthy and Strategy Director, Michael Browne, sat down with Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities, Davy Private Clients and Vincent Wall, business editor at Newstalk, to discuss MCCP’s research into consumer trends that have come to the fore during Covid-19.

After a very busy period during COVID, providing strategic advice to the Department of Health, our team has surfaced six big trends that have been consistent across almost every COVID conversation and will shape Irish consumer demand in the coming months.

We are seeing how the lockdown has expedited many trends that were hitherto fore slowly emerging. For brands, now is the critical time to connect more meaningfully with consumers and develop clear strategies to meet their changing needs.

Meeting these needs head-on will provide opportunities to deliver tangible growth even in the most challenging of markets.

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