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MCCP launch new Culture Pillar

1 November 2019

MCCP are excited to announce that we are launching our new Culture on 7th November

As part of our Culture pillar, MCCP are excited to host a unique opportunity on 7th November to meet with our international partner and one of the world’s foremost thinkers in organisational culture: Carlo Rey, Professor of Strategic Management and Director of the Chair Management by Missions and Corporate Governance at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Barcelona and author of the recent Purpose-Driven Organizations: Management Ideas for a Better World.

The presence of purpose is a trend that has been growing in recent and, we believe, will certainly continue to grow in the future. Most notably because the concept of purpose is becoming a necessary and key element for creating meaningful organizations in a competitive environment that is strongly marked by inconsistency and uncertainty.

It is important not to confuse unity with strategic alignment. Strategic alignment connects the “what and how” of individuals and organization through such structures as roles and incentives. Unity, on the other hand, connects the “why” of the organisation and the “why” of the persons.

As we see it, the fundamental question is not choosing between purpose and strategy but instead putting purpose at the centre of strategy. In this sense, we believe purpose should be infused with multi-logic strategy and vice versa. While purpose should not be considered a strategy, purpose requires strategy.

Although some may believe the emerging presence of purpose within organizations to be a mere tactic for branding or employee engagement, we believe it is a sign of the redefinition of meaning at work that will continue to evolve in the future. This idea of connecting individual and organizational purpose, at all levels of the company, is here to stay as a necessary element for facing market environments defined by inconsistency and uncertainty.

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