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Navigate with Clarity - Trend Driver Webinar

13 July 2020

On Friday 10th July, we held the first webinar in our Navigate with Clarity series. Watch it here!

At MCCP, many of our clients have been asking us to paint a picture of what the next few months could look like. In response, we launched a new content series called “Navigate with Clarity” - focusing on what business and marketing leaders will need to know to prepare for what looks like an uncertain road ahead. 

We kick-started the series last Friday, July 10th  with our first webinar highlighting the biggest macro trends emerging from COVID and how they will directly impact your business.

On the day - we discussed 3 of the trends: Hybrid Working, Digital Accelerated and Health Redefined. We will be presenting the next 3 on July 24th in our next installment in the Navigate with Clarity series.
Contact declan@mccp.ie to learn more and to sign up for the next event 


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