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Navigate with Clarity – Trend Driver Webinar Friday 10th July

7 July 2020

As we enter a new phase of re-opening, MCCP would like to invite you to participate in our new content series ‘Navigate with Clarity’.

Clarity is the beating heart of any good strategy. At MCCP, we work to the rule of - could you clearly explain we we’re doing to someone who doesn’t work in the industry? If the answer comes back negative, then we revert back to the drawing board.

As we navigate an uncertain future, the need for clarity takes on an even greater importance.

To launch this series, on Friday 10th July at 2pm MCCP will host a webinar where we will share the TREND-DRIVERS that will shape consumer demand over the next few months which is based on our recent and continuous research.

This will allow you prepare and plan for how your business and brand can succeed while living with COVID.

Please join us on July 10th or by contacting declan@mccp.ie directly to reserve you place

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