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SETU - A Brand Merger Inspiring Confidence

8 March 2024

By September 2021, most regional Institutes had progressed to Technological University status.

Our challenge was to create a new brand strategy and identity, which both institutions, with their own unique personalities, could embrace – by building confidence in our strategic approach from a robust evidence base, on a tight timeline.

The new brand needed to:

  • Visually elevate the brand from the sum of its parts – two established Institute of Technologies, with two different cultures now becoming one Technological University.
  • Be an authentic expression of the university’s character, but confident and fresh.
  • Have depth and gravitas/stature without leaning on heritage/coat of arms to achieve this.
  • Position itself on its own merit, not a clone of existing universities.
  • Be truly student-centric.

Through a rigorous process of research, stakeholder engagement and co-creation workshops, we gained deep insight into the needs and motivations of stakeholders and key audiences across Ireland’s South East. We used bespoke analysis tools to interrogate and assess client data and category reports to identify the powerful, relevant characteristics of this new university and reviewed educational and social trends, ensuring our brand strategy was future-proofed in context. This led us to a brand strategy and design brief focusing on collaboration, flexibility, nimbleness, and vibrancy. The strategy was a success – embraced wholeheartedly by stakeholders and audiences within both institutions and delivering impact across the region and beyond.

“The SETU brand embodies the excellence and core values of our organisation, serving as a true reflection of who we are.” Prof Veronica Campbell, President, SETU

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