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What stood out to me during my first 6 months in MCCP?

1 October 2020

The constant flow of opportunities to learn.

At a strategist level I think it's great when you can learn from not one strategy director and their perspective, but several. Learning from these diverse backgrounds means I see a range of approaches to solving problems all the time. As someone trying to learn what I need to move forward, it's a dream.

Add to that the fact that MCCP supports clients from just about every industry you can think of with different kinds of problems all the time, it's hard to imagine a better environment for sharpening my perspectives and skills as a strategist.

The great thing is that you get to use your existing skills and constantly add to them. If you've done lots of research but little strategy you'll definitely learn something new here or if you’ve done lots of strategy but no comms planning, it’s the same for you.

Even as someone who has been very fortunate to already work in different types of agencies on diverse projects, the number one thing that's stood out to me here has been the opportunity to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

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