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MCCP | The Independent Strategy Agency

We are an independent strategy agency, whose expertise stems from Brand Strategy, Research, Innovation and Culture. We partner organisations around the world who want to achieve transformative and sustainable growth.

Brand Strategy

We create strategies that connect you to your consumer, which act as engines of sustainable and predictable growth for your business. Our experience in successful global brand strategy development means that we are able to avoid the pitfalls of short-term, reactive campaigns. Drawing on our expertise we develop transformative brand strategies that allow brands to connect with people on a deeper, more sustainable basis.


Insight is at the heart of what we do. Uncovering relevant and meaningful insight is fundamental in creating the solutions that make business better and we employ this across all of our pillars: culture, innovation and strategy. We understand that clients today are output and action focused so we concentrate not just on rigour in our methodologies, and boldness in our designs, but in creating insights that have immediate impact on teams, making choices and decision-making clearer.


We believe to unlock true innovation a deep understanding of your customers must be combined with a deep engagement of your employees. This is why we help our clients develop inspiring cases for change and work with them to understand the capabilities, resources, and skills required to bridge the execution gap. Our ultimate goal is to help clients imagine what the future could be and partner with them to foster a culture that can make this a reality


Culture goes much deeper than performance and profit. It’s the oil in the strategy engine. There are many organisations with excellent strategies that fail. The fact is that while strategy is conceived in the abstract, it is delivered by people. Culture or ‘the way we do things around here’ can help to either deliver or inhibit strategy. Based on world class research from Harvard and IESE school of business, and with our partner DPMC, we have developed a holistic approach to implement transformational culture change, with shared mission at the centre.

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