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​Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus was losing out badly to Ryanair. For many, it was fast becoming a legacy brand, much loved but overtaken by Ryanair’s promise of lower fares.

​From a distressed brand with a low fares commodity offering to finding its authenticity again

For many Millennials, who had grown up with Ryanair, Aer Lingus was not even on the consideration list. Ryanair has fast become the global airline.

Our approach

We believed that Aer Lingus should not be a low cost offer, as that would mean a race to the bottom. Instead, they should find an authentic brand way to connect with the right type of consumer - and with its own staff.

Through our Discovery process, we found that people considered all airline travel-time to be neither pleasurable nor useful. People wanted to arrive at their destination having achieved something – anything from catching up with the movies they wanted to see to completing some paperwork or spending quality time with the family. And having done so, they wanted to hit the ground running, whether for their leisure or business objectives.

We found a core brand truth that was relevant for today’s traveller - and for the new globalised world of travel that the brand competed in. This truth revolved around ‘Who knows travel better than the Irish?’

This was flexed in a modern way to form a brand positioning of ‘Aer Lingus - The Smarter Way to Travel’. It was rooted in the brand’s authentic DNA and also in the changing product experience.

The outcome

We worked with Aer Lingus to create supporting service proof points such as discretionary service in flight options, flexing pre-clearance and more flexible travel product offerings.

Smart Flies Aer Lingus

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