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Dublin airport

“What we like about MCCP is their integrated approach to leading transformation programmes – People & Process. The ability to really understand the needs of the organisation and adapt solutions that are practical for Dublin Airport.”

Grainne Morrison
Head of Business Development, Futurist at Dublin Airport


daa operates Dublin and Cork airports – the two largest airports in the Republic of Ireland, welcoming a combined 34 million passengers in 2018. The Group’s core purpose is to connect Ireland with the world.


Significant disruptive changes are occurring for airports worldwide; rapid rises in passenger numbers, disruptive entrants threatening revenues and technological change disrupting how airports operate.  This is why in 2017, daa partnered with MCCP, to design and mobilise a new innovation lab, the Future Factory, with the purpose of transforming the airport experience into the future. MCCP set about establishing the innovation architecture, processes and tools to embed innovation throughout the airport and worked side by side with daa to engage and mobilise the organisation in these new ways of thinking.


Cross functional teams are currently working on a range of innovations to transform the airport experience. Many of these solutions are currently in the testing phase and are expected to launch by the end of 2019.

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