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‘”MCCP gained a deep knowledge of our business and existing culture which helped unlock key insight into how to mobilise for positive change. The process we went through with MCCP was highly collaborative and we felt like we had a true partnership with them.”

Fiacre O'Donnell
Head of Strategic Development

encirc are a unique Irish manufacturing organisation offering a full 360 service to leading global beverage companies in Europe. As a highly successful business encirc engaged MCCP to help them unearth their true purpose and equip the encirc leadership team to drive transformative growth for the future.

Working collaboratively with the Leadership and HR teams MCCP embarked on our 4 stage culture process to

1) DISCOVER the underlying organisational truths

2) DEFINE the organisational purpose and values-led behaviours that were both true to the organisation and critical to the future growth and transformation of encirc

3) DEVELOP the organisational communication and integration initiatives, including a roll out and embedding plan

 4) MONITOR progress and sentiment

MCCPs collaborative approach ensured that key internal stakeholders were involved and committed with an empowered and engaged workforce to pioneer possibilities for a better future. Our rigorous process allowed us to ensure that their purpose was unique to encirc, meaningful to all employees and communicated in a compelling and motivating manner.

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